Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Amish Country

We spent our time in Lancaster County at a wonderful hotel in Bird in Hand, PA. I cannot say enough about the fabulous location, the amenities (three swimming pools and an incredible on site restaurant/bakery that served all sorts of local specialties -- though I do not recommend ordering something called the "apple dumpling" unless you feel the need to add an extra inch or two over dinner). Best of all, this was the view from our front door and patio. Day and night, the clip clop of hooves as the local residents went about their business.

These photos were taken from the grass outside of our hotel room one evening before dinner (I went back and forth on whether or not to take "Amish photos" being that they are just regular people living regular lives, but in the end, I couldn't resist snapping a few!). It was a great place to play frisbee, read a book over breakfast, or simply watch the Amish buggies and wagons passing by.

One day there was a balloon launch across the road. Seriously. Does it get better than this?

We visited an Amish experience farm where you could take buggy rides, eat delicious fresh pretzels, and much to Kel's delight, play for hours in the hand built play house. As we toured Amish farms on our buggy ride, I noticed that the children have the best outdoor play equipment. There is something to be said for skill in woodworking.

Getting ready to depart on our buggy ride. We were taken around town by an Amish driver who showed us the carriage works, the school house, and regular Amish neighbourhoods and farms. I was surprised at how modern and beautiful the homes are, how "normal" everybody's lives are, other than the old lack of electricity, cars, and computer business. They do have washing machines, lights, heat and A/C. They aren't living in some backwards world, simply a modern world of reduced capacity. Its really interesting. I asked the poor man about ten thousand questions...

Few farmer photos.

Not a great shot, but I had to get at least one picture of Nic on his 51st birthday. Young as ever.

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