Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Trains, trains, trains!

In a vacation packed with wonderful memories and fun-filled days, I think that our trip to the Strasburg Railroad takes the prize for Best Day of them all. If there was such a prize.

On a side note, I was beyond sick with a raging fever, aching body, and a general inability to remain upright for more than a few minutes at a time, but still had the best day ever. It was just that good.

The engine and coaches were gorgeous. They were in pristine condition. This was a gem of a preserved railway.

The family sitting behind us are not in costume, they're just a regular Amish family out for a day trip. They had a gorgeous little boy who played with Kel through most of the ride.

Daddy love.

I will say it again. I was sick. Really sick.

Geez guys, its not that bad! You ask for a photo and this is what you get.

Kel enjoying the scenery and the Amish farms out the window.

An Amish farm with steam from the train in the foreground.

Another Amish farm...

Coal! And Kellan wearing his "Mommy just shouted 'DON'T TOUCH!'" expression.

Thomas! They were having a Day out With Thomas weekend in the near future.

Few shots of the engine and the station.

Across the road, as if the Strasburg Railroad weren't enough, you will find the absolutely incredible Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania. We spent the day going back and forth between the two locations. I didn't take many photos here (spent most of the time shivering and looking for the next bench upon which to rest!), and certainly didn't take any good ones, but here are a few to show you a bit of the scale of things -- trains, trains, and more trains. It was amazing.

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