Monday, June 09, 2008

The Horseshoe Curve

Our trip home included a visit to the famous Horseshoe Curve. Ok, famous if you're a railroad buff -- and there just might be one or two (or three!) in the family. They hand out a rail timetable on the way in so that you know when the trains will be coming through. It is a spectacular sight. The engineers know to watch out for little train fans who's waves are rewarded by a blast of the engine's horn. Kel was thrilled. There is even a funicular to ride up the hill to the curve. This was a real treat on our last day of vacation.

It was another sunny day and thus required much squinting. Summertime. What can you do?

Nic with a nice smile while Kellan takes on the grimacing role for these photos. He was tired and hot and in no mood to pose.

Kellan awaiting the train as it rounds the bend.

Here it comes!

Big waves to the engineer who blew the horn and waved back.

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