Monday, June 23, 2008

Chasing fireflies

These videos are a bit dark and meandering, but I wanted to keep the memory of chasing fireflies well past bedtime on a summer evening (wearing his post shower bedtime clothes -- underpants and a t-shirt, we're fancy around here). One of the special treats in being a parent is sharing moments like this with your four year old. It doesn't get much better.

And, hey, this is one thing that we didn't have growing up in California. Not that it makes up for the fact that Kellan now plays "Tornadoes" with his friends in school (they build a city in the sandbox which is then flattened by tornadoes, followed by the building crew's arrival to start all over again). When Kellan sees black clouds these days, he hopefully announces, "I think the tornadoes are coming, we better listen for the sirens to tell us...". Great.

Apologies, this one is really dark, but you get the idea...

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