Monday, August 11, 2008

City Museum

We spent last Saturday at the best place in the midwest -- the City Museum! We were joined for the first few hours of our visit by Olivia and family. It was a wonderful day all around and a really special treat for Kellan.

Kellan entertains the masses.


Olivia was a good influence on Kel and actually got him to spend some time in the art room. A first for us and a lot of fun. The paint washed out of his favourite shirt too...

A masterpiece. For grandma.

Riding the train.

Straw games at lunchtime.

There's a lot of climbing to be done at the City Museum.

And sliding...

The whole family. Well, the Baimas minus one and plus an extra, but who's counting?

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The Baimas said...

Olivia and her poor wrist! I had to put a band aid on it to get her to stop licking it. That was disgusting and she cannot explain to me why she was doing it! Thanks for the good time! It is such a find in St. Louis!