Saturday, August 16, 2008

Our State Fair is the Best State Fair

The State Fair happened to coincide with Grandma's visit. Lucky Grandma, right?

Kellan had been waiting for the fair for weeks. He drives right past the fairgrounds after school every day on his way to being dropped off at my office. It certainly didn't disappoint. He would have been happy to spend all week at the fair. It was a grand day out -- though Grandma probably has other words to describe the experience. Hey, its the Midwest. Embrace the insanity or be consumed by it. I'm not sure which is winning out at the moment.

This is so scary that it defies description.


The rides were a lot of fun. We'll buy the "whole fair pass" next year so that we can attend a few times. Something to do in Springfield.

Kellan's first fair romance. These two were made for each other.

Ok, well you try to get a photo on the skyride when you're all crammed into one tiny car together and the sun is shining in the eyes of your intended subjects (one of whom may or may not actually have eyes since they are always hidden behind sunglasses -- mysterious, no?).

Its a butter cow. A cow. Made of butter. And that face pretty well sums it up.

See you next year, State Fair!

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The Baimas said...

Good for you! You truly experienced the fair by seeing the butter cow. I was wondering if you would or not. Silly, yes, but it grows on you. I drag Joe in every fair just to look at it for 2 seconds. Then go get one of their homemade cream puffs!