Friday, August 08, 2008

Kel sings

Yeah, so the video is sideways. Blame my husband who took all of the multimedia video viewing and editing software off of the computer lest it take over the house or attack us in the night or some such nonsense. He fears useful software. Facebook friends, you can see the video there in its proper vertical form. Everybody else, sorry. And why aren't you on Facebook, anyway?

I was cleaning house and heard music coming from the front room. Walked out to find this. Kellan performing. He didn't seem to mind me taking the video. He was very tired, having been at the park all morning and already an hour late for lunch. Still, even tired and sideways, he's pretty darn cute. If I may so say myself.

1 comment:

Dillman Family said...

At least the thousands of dollars we have spent on music classes are paying off :). Seriously, so cute!!