Saturday, August 16, 2008

Missouri Botanical Gardens

The botanical gardens are one of the best places to visit on a nice day in St Louis. For more photos of and info about the statues, see the post below.

Long shot photo taken by a nice visitor so that we could have everybody together, even if ant sized. Why do people take photos of the background instead of the subject? You could practically see the whole park before I cropped in on this one. Remember, closer is always better! Photograph your subject as the subject, rather than as an easily missed accessory to their surroundings. That's your free amateur photo lesson for the day.

I love this. Look down a few photos for Kellan and this same statue taken in San Diego on his first Christmas, not quite one year old. He's changed a bit, eh?

Yes, she's picking its nose. That's just the way we are in this family. All class.

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Dillman Family said...

We have not been to the Missouri Botanical Gardens, yet. Looks great! We love St. Charles. Sounds like tons of fun. Hope to see you guys before school starts back up.