Saturday, January 17, 2009


Yes, it does indeed deserve all caps. We were lucky enough to spend two full days at both Disneyland and California Adventure this week. What fun! It gets more enjoyable each year, as Kellan grows into the rides. This year he told me, "Mommy the rides are fun this year! Last year they had more scary rides". Same rides, different (older) boy. We had an incredible two days. I am missing it already.

We started the adventure at California Adventure.

They drained the lagoon! You do pay a price for going in the off season. But it is a price worth paying for the lack of lines or crowds.

The real Lighting McQueen.

Grandma (well, half of Grandma!) and Kel on the carousel. One of many carousel rides both here and at Disneyland itself.

We had such fun at California Adventure. Kellan and Grandma.

Disneyland!!! Day one.

Ice cream (and coffee) break.

I love Dumbo!

Kellan got this monorail toy at Disneyland and we couldn't get it out of the box. It was well screweed in. Luckily the concierge had a screw driver and was quite friendly about taking EIGHT screws out of our toy, one by one.

A special family dinner at the Old Spaghetti Facotry in Fullerton.

Sunrise from our hotel in Ahaheim. Yes, I saw sunrise. You try sharing a room with this lot and sleeping in!

Funny, funny, funny story. And, yes, I know that I'll have to delete these when he gets a bit older. I was in the shower when Mom and Amanda called me out. This is how we found Kel. Early morning commute time. Exposing himself to the world. That's my boy.

We made Disneyland opening on day two. Here is the crowd, ready to go. We were "rushing for Nemo". Kel's words. Also my words!

Kel's very first ever trip on Nemo! Ours too. Fun ride. He loved it.

The Casey Jr train. He still loves this one.

Yeah, rockets!!!

Kel and Grandma on the Autopia.

Riding the train when we were all too tired to walk any further.

Indeed. I am related to all of them. By blood.

Look at the eyes on that boy. TIRED.

Last ride before home time. The carousel. Again.

You can see me and Amanda in the front seat on Space Mountain. I was just about to turn off the flash on the camera when this "preview" disappeared (the flash kind of washed it out). I tried. Oh well. Love this ride.

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