Wednesday, January 07, 2009


We had our first day at Seaworld yesterday. The park was empty and it was perfect. We started out at my favourite activity -- the dolphin feeding.

Kel was really good about holding the fish himself this time. He used to get pretty grossed out about it. No problems now. However, at the sealion feeding, I accidentally tipped the tray of fish juice onto his shirt (which was as awful as it sounds -- and smelled even worse!). I don't know that he'll trust me to hold the tray again.

There is a great new area called Sesame Street Bay of Play where we spent a large portion of the day. There are all sorts of fun attractions and rides. Kel loved it. We didn't even make the Shamu show because he chose one more time at the play area. We're going back tomorrow and will catch Shamu then instead...

He topped off the day by getting some one on one time with Elmo. He was so excited about this.

Doing a little Seaworld dance of joy. Back again tomorrow.

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