Tuesday, June 07, 2011


Nic and I enjoyed a little mini-break in Liverpool over the weekend. We took the train from London and arrived here, at Lime Street Station.

The Liverpool skyline at sunset. It kind of captured me. As noted in the following way-too-many photos:

On the right, over the Albert Dock, you can see the new giant ferris wheel, similar to London's Eye.

Daytime shot, taken from the ferry.

And now, the Liver building. Again, the way-too-many photo thing.

We stayed in New Brighton, across the river from Liverpool. There were miles and miles of coastal walks.
Go ahead and sing the song, its kind of necessary. They even played it on the ferry!

Of course, we were in Liverpool, so there was a bit of Beatlemania.

We spent a morning touring St. James. Beautiful, if a bit modern as cathedrals go.

Still not sure how I feel about the combination of stained glass and neon...

King and Queen signatures. Also, signature of "the guy who isn't the king, but who is really like the king".

We went from St. James over to the Catholic Cathedral. Interesting might be a good word to describe it.

A view back from the steps of the Catholic cathedral over to St. James.

We also stumbled upon Chinatown in our wanderings.

There was so much more, but most of it not photographed. Hope that you've enjoyed your Liverpool sampler.

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