Tuesday, June 07, 2011

London Transport Museum

The obligatory "phone box" photo in Covent Garden before we head into the Transport Museum.

Kel loves the London Transport Museum more than any other museum in the world. I apologize for the mismatched clothing, but we went to the Transport Museum two days in a row and the photos aren't being posted in any particular order.

Hanging off of the Routemaster Bus which we later got to ride around London on one of the old routes.

A fun part of the museum is having your card stamped at various points around the exhibits.

Kel's "there are other kids here, Mom, I don't want to pose for a photo!" face. Too cool to have his photo taken with this old tram and horses.

Kel's very most favourite thing in the whole museum -- "driving" a real London bus!

He also enjoys the Underground simulator.

Driving an old tram.

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