Wednesday, June 01, 2011


Eastbourne and sunshine go hand in hand in my memories, since we've only ever been there on the sunniest and most beautiful days. Good luck -- and good planning.

The pier is the main scenic attraction in Eastbourne (aside from the sea, of course!). Most of the photos that I took today were either in front of, or on, the pier. We also went to the fun fair, did some walking around the town centre, let Kel have his open air tour bus wish come true, and more, but I'd put the camera away at that point. Sometimes, you just have to enjoy the day.

Kel out on the pier. We walked all the way to the end.

It was kind of windy. This is not my best look.

Kel with Grannie and Grandad.

Eating a delicious chips lunch down on the seafront.

Followed up with a huge ice cream cone, just being finished off here. I had to capture that messy face.

And just to prove that I can laugh at myself, here's my walking drunk photo, taken by the master himself. Kellan knows how to capture my best moments. I swear, I haven't touched a drop since we arrived here!

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