Thursday, June 02, 2011

Dapdune Wharf

We bused over to Guildford today to visit Dapdune Wharf. We all learned a lot about the difference between a river and a "navigation", Wey barges, locks, weirs, and old Guildford.

My favourite part of the day was our walk along the Wey towpath. Here is Kel enjoying our stroll in the sunshine.

One of the big barges, Reliance, at the Wharf museum site.

There were so many opportunities to learn and explore at the museum. Here you see a happy and well-educated boy.

Kel could have spent days experimenting with the working lock and weir table, including a real barge that he loved driving around the waterway.

Kel got to make a besom broom and then conquer an obstacle course with it outside. He also hauled it all the way back from Guildford for Grannie!

Kel and Tom, one of the site volunteers, racing around the obstacle course. Kel won, though Tom may have let him.

Horribly exposed, but here are the boys standing on the bridge over the Wey. The train bridge arches are in the background.

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