Friday, March 11, 2005

Home Again

Well, we're off tomorrow for another lovely two weeks in San Diego. No daddy this time, a first for me. Not only on the plane, but not having daddy to help with the day to day job of parenting will be a challenge (and an exhausting one at that!). Hopefully grandma, grandpa, and aunt Amanda will step in (though they'll never come close to filling the shoes of our Super Dad).

We've recently started a playgroup with our friends from Kellan's weekly baby group. Most of our guys were getting too big for that group anyway, so we gathered together our group of friends, set up a weekly meeting time and home rotation, and off we went. Its been wonderful, a couple of social hours every Wednesday, chatting, eating, letting the kids play together and try out different toys.

Kellan is still on the nebulizer. We've just had to buy him one, in fact, since our 30 day rental is up and its not worth renting it again when $5 more will buy one. His grandfather (on my husband's side) suffers from severe asthma and we're worried that he may have a bit of a genetically weak chest. Lets hope its just the final bits of these winter illnesses and that spring will bring a return of both warm weather and clear lungs.

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betty said...

I'd love to set up a playgroup myself one day, but the thought of having to deal with the potential ugly politics of things (similar to what you've described) makes me hesitant to do it. Hope the offending moms realize that they are creating a riff and will mend their ways.