Thursday, March 31, 2005

Where do you draw the line...

...between providing your child with a world of experiences and opportunities to grow, and overscheduling their lives to the point of exhaustion? I realised that all of the classes and groups I've got lined up for Kellan over the next few months leave us no free time whatsoever during the week. He'll be in swim lessons, at Fun Shop, play group, music class, and Parents as Teachers among other things. I want him to learn to swim, to explore his musical gifts, to play with other children of his own age, and to develop into a social and capable young man. I feel that these activities foster such growth. Then again, Springfield is boring, incredibly boring, so boring that you might nod off just thinking about it. Am I overscheduling my 13 month old son just to give myself something to do? I honestly think not. I'm overscheduling my 13 month old son to give him something to do!

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betty said...

I think that is an issue that many parents nowadays are concerned about. With me, working f/t, it seems like most of our free time on the weekends is taken up with activities related to our oldest child right now. She's got swim lessons on Sundays, and now on Saturdays, she's got her baseball games. Then, in between those activities, it seems like there are a lot of b-day parties that she gets invited to, and other playdates with friends! Then, in between all of that, we're still taking care of Ben. So, there's not much time left to sign him up for anything, even though he's already older than when we first started signing Devin up for classes and such.

Devin is also signed up for piano lessons on Monday and Spanish classes on Wednesdays, but these happen during the time she is in the school's aftercare program.