Sunday, February 24, 2008

Birthday Boy

Kellan is FOUR! He had a wonderful birthday on Thursday. Auntie Amanda was in town, so we picked him up from school early and went for a special lunch at Qdoba with Carmen and family. He also got to pick out a much coveted truck that he'd been eying at "Blue Store" (Toys R Us) with some birthday money. Next up was his requested birthday treat -- a tour of the state capitol building! Yeah, I know. What can you do? He loved it. Later we went swimming, followed by two special birthday ice creams at Baskin Robbins. He fell asleep on the way home. Surprised?

Yesterday we had the Big Swim Party. He had been looking forward to this for what seems like years. I am thrilled to say that it lived up to every expectation. We ended up with twelve guests which I think was spectacular for a mid-winter pool party at the height of flu season! We only had three invitees who couldn't make it. And wow, did they have fun. The party started at the pool. An hour of swim time with all of his friends.

Here we have Hank, Kellan, and Lleyton mid-jump. The lifeguard loved us.

A pool full of your best pals. What could be more fun?

More jumping!

Marcus and his dad. I had to include this photo. He is so cute! If you can imagine it, his personality is even sweeter than that face.

After an hour in the pool, everybody got dressed and went back to the party room.

Kellan's big party wish was to play "hitting baboons". Makes my job easy. I blew up lots of balloons during set up, left them scattered about the room, and when the boys arrived back from swimming, they knew exactly what to do! Must be a boy thing.

The theme was Curious George. The cake was fabulous. I wish I'd had more photos of Kel standing there while we were singing "Happy Birthday". This is the first time that I can recall being so in awe of the expression on his face, the joy in his eyes, that I stood there transfixed, happy tears in my own eyes as I took it all in -- and forgot all about the camera! At least I got a couple after the fact...

Caden and Griffin. Also Kara, Dominic's mom, in the background. They're expecting their new little boy this week!

Carmen and an exhausted Erik in the background. It was all too much. Wore him out, poor guy.

A final shot of the kids eating cake. Present time was chaotic. Didn't take any photos. Hardly managed to keep track of everything! Kellan is a very lucky boy with a big group of wonderful friends. The party was so special. It lived up to every expectation and then some! Perhaps this is the perfect age for a fun and simple party, or perhaps it was just the perfect mix of friends and a great afternoon of swimming that worked out so well. And we now officially have a four year old in the house.


The Baimas said...

The pictures are great, and this looked like it was a fantastic party. It makes me so sad that we had to miss it (we would have been invited right????? j/k). Swimming in a pool sounds so nice right now. Happy Birthday to the little man.


Jenn said...

Four years old, you'll have to let me know the difference between 3 & 4. (My Hale is 3 1/2 and a handful!) My Kellan turns 2 in May and I can't believe how quickly time goes by. I will be devastated on his birthday! Looks like a great party that he will remember forever.