Friday, February 01, 2008

Snow Day

Nothing photographically spectacular here, but in the history of Kellan Evans, this was a big day. Look -- he is out in the snow and smiling! Yes, smiling! No whining. No crying. No refusing to walk. He actually wanted to go out and play in the snow today. And play we did. We were off school (due to the fact that the plows in Springfield do not in fact plow the roads until at least 24 hours after a snowfall) and so we spent most of the afternoon outside. We built a snowman. We built a sled hill. We sort of sledded down the "sled hill". We hiked through the snow. We shoveled (obviously). All in all, it was a nice day off of school and work. Who would have thought? Snowed in and the Evans family enjoyed themselves!

Yes, that is Kellan back there. Wipe out. Which took some doing on that sled "hill"!

Notice the new windows. Snow and cold, ha! Can't touch us now.

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The Baimas said...

FINALLY! Now you can start having some fun with the snow. It is not all bad - warming up with hot chocolate at the end is my favorite part! ;)