Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Goofing around at home

Another long, cold, and bleak February week has passed. We didn't go anywhere interesting or do anything more extraordinary than school, work, church, and the rest of the routine. Kellan and I had two days off for Lincoln's birthday (which makes me think that I should have a two day celebration for my own birthday -- Lincoln had the right idea here!). Being a bit housebound with the cold, we decided to take some photos this morning while Kel played Geotrax. Exciting? Not really. Cute? But of course!

Do you read to the end of the post? Thought I'd add a funny side story. At the children's message in church this week, they didn't receive candy (Lent rules). I had explained it to Kellan in advance, hoping that he wouldn't embarrass himself up front. He seemed to take it very well, until he turned around to walk back up the sanctuary to us and stopped at each pew, hands outstretched, sadly telling everybody, "Sorry, no candy. There's no candy today. Sorry. No candy for the holiday...". Goof.

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