Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Children Marching

We were joined in last night's sleeping hours by a round of bright and noisy thunderstorms. I would drift off to sleep hopefully, only to be jolted awake by yet another retina burning flash of lightning and window rattling crash of thunder. Each time expecting to hear "Mommy!" from the next room, or for the door to open as little feet rushed to join us in the family bed.

And yet, he slept. Until this morning when he climbed in for our wake up cuddle. I asked him what he thought of all that thunder last night, if it kept him awake. Still half asleep, he groggily replied,

"That wasn't thunder, Mommy. It was just the children marching."

I like that. The children marching. I shall hold that one close. Since coming face to face with a tornado, I am bullied by anxiety and fear with each passing thunderstorm. Perhaps if I can see the children marching, laughing and stomping, playing in the heavens, perhaps that is just what I need to finally put that tornado to rest. Perhaps even to smile when the thunder crashes. Imagine that. The children marching.


Jenn said...

Hi there!
I googled the name Kellan, because that is my little guys name too, and came across you blog. What a sweetie! Great Blog!

Jenn said...

Hello again!
Your right, we are in New England, Maine to be exact. It is lovely here, especially with all of the snow right now. I like the original spelling of Kellan, though I understand why you changed it. My husband is of Welsh and Irish descent. I am a bit of a mutt!
Feel free to keep in touch!

Kim Kush said...

I love the innocence of kids. Isn't it great when they say something that they don't give a second thought to, but it can completely change the outlook you have on something? Kids have that power. Kellan is just adorable!