Friday, February 01, 2008

Our birds

I realise that this post isn't technically about Kellan, but these little guys give him as much joy as they do the whole family, so I'm posting it! Every morning I feed the cardinals. Today I took the camera out with me.

When I first walk out, there may be one or two waiting around, but the funniest thing is the sight that greets me after I turn around from rattling the metal trash can where we keep the food. See below! Suddenly, the trees are full of red specks. Everybody awaiting their breakfast. They know us so well now that they aren't afraid at all and let us get very close. Again, see below. That isn't my zoom lens. I'm sitting right next to the feeder.

Notice the blue jay flying in to the left of the feeder in this first shot (you may have to click on the photo to enlarge). I didn't even see it until I was preparing the photo for upload to the blog.

The females, not as vibrantly red, are often forgotten in the beauty of the species. This little girl was hilarious, hopping around in the snow, playing on the water dish, having a grand winter morning.

Male and female together, though she's hiding a bit.


The Baimas said...

Joe and I loved these pics - they are like something out of a nature magazine. Beautiful.


Brian said...

Thess are wonderful. I love cardinals. Not as many here in the city as in Silver Spring, but a few in the back yard now and then. Not quite like this though!