Sunday, May 04, 2008

Springtime -- about time!

It was a beautiful, sunny and warm Sunday today, and so we grabbed the bikes ("two helmets and three wheels" as Kel says of the tag along) and hit the road. We made our way between various parks, enjoyed a picnic lunch, and had a perfectly fabulous day -- outdoors. A breath of fresh air. Literally!

This thing is scary. The sharp toothed dolphin. Kel calls it a shark.

This was our last big day out before Thursday's surgery. Next stop, recovery. I will admit to being terrified, though in my heart I know that everything will be fine. Please send your prayers and loving thoughts our way on Thursday. For both Kellan and his emotionally spent mother!

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Jenn said...

Hi there!
We have enjoyed a day of beautiful weather here too. What is Kellan's surgery for? Is he scared? It seems sometimes that the smaller they are, the tougher they are. I will definitely keep both of you in prayer on Thursday and before.
Take care,