Saturday, May 17, 2008

Old State Capitol Art Fair

The annual Old State Capitol Art Fair is on this weekend downtown. This is one of our favourite annual events, one that we've managed to attend each May since moving to Springfield. The Children's Tent alone is worth the trip. And there's something about the art fair that attracts perfect weather, year after year. A hot day, at last!

Kel is zonked after a long morning downtown in the sunshine and as soon as I publish this post, I'm off out back to do a bit of relaxed basking myself. No marine mammal comments, please. I only had two lemonade shake ups today...

Kel's lemonade shake up. Another great thing about central Illinois. See, its not all bad.

We walked around the Lincoln Home National Historic Site on our way to the art fair.

When we first arrived in Springfield, I commented to a coworker that the only building you see on the way in is this tall cylindrical thing. It seemed odd to me, driving in to the state capital of Illinois and not a skyline in sight. She said, "Oh, you mean The Prick of the Prairie" (sorry for any sensitve types out there, but those were her exact words). It stuck. I can never look at the hotel without thinking, "Ah, there it is, the Prick of the Praire". Our skyline.

Just having fun with an otherwise blah photo. The capitol is down there in the background.

We never go downtown without visiting Del's Popcorn Shop. Look at that, another good thing about Springfield. The art fair, lemonade shake ups, Del's Popcorn. I'm on a role today!

Totally random, but on the way home we had to swing by the office. Kel wanted me to take his photo because "I really really love your office, Mommy". And so, here he is at the RCC (Illinois State Museum Research and Collections Center). Otherwise known as My Office.

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