Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Day Friends

We woke this morning to yet more grey, wet, cool weather and I said, "Its Memorial Day. I'm wearing shorts. How about you guys?". So we all donned our shorts and decided that we would celebrate the first "official day of summer" whether or not the weather decided to join in. As it turns out, the rain cleared and the sun came out in force by lunchtime, leaving us to sweat through a hot, sunny, muggy afternoon. Summer. For a day at least.

We spent the evening enjoying dinner with some old friends who we don't get to see often enough these days between the kids going to different schools, being involved in different extra curricular activities, and all of us busy parent types with our busy adult lives. Carmen (with brother Connor) and Dominic (with new baby brother Michael) and families joined us for a perfect summer evening of pizza and play.

Carmen was the unfortunate recipient of a frisbee to the head (thus the cold pack), but didn't seem any worse for wear.

Do not mess with Kellan when he has Doritos and guacamole.

Dominic is all boy with what Kellan calls the "shooting thing". He doesn't know the word "gun" yet, but he knows all about shooting. Boys, eh?

We are off shortly for ten days in Pennsylvania. A conference and family vacation combined. Because we return to school and work immediately upon our return, it may take a bit longer than usual to sort through the photos and get some vacation posts up, so don't worry in the meantime, we haven't disappeared. "See" you soon...

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Dillman Family said...

Great pics as always. We had a wonderful evening. The kids just love playing together so much. Hope to see you guys again soon. Have a great trip!