Friday, January 07, 2011

Another beautiful day at Balboa Park

There is never enough time to finish our explorations of Balboa Park -- the museums, the zoo, the play areas, the fountains -- it keeps us busy for days, and always wanting another trip back for more.

On our zoo trip this time, Kellan wanted specifically to see all of the aviaries and garden areas. We spent about three hours exploring various birds and plants. Here are a couple of my favourite aviary photos.

This kingfisher is native to Guam, but is now completely extinct in the wild. We were awed by its beauty, and so sad that what must have been a wonderful avian ecosystem at one point has now entirely vanished from Guam. We still love Guam though!

Back to the Science Center for more learning and discovery.

The buildings around Balboa Park are one of its more beautiful aspects. I'd like to take an early morning (or late afternoon) trip over with my camera on an upcoming visit so that I can get some shots without the mid-day light to spoil them. This was the only building shot worth looking at from this visit, the Casa del Prado Theater. And its still all wrong.

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