Sunday, January 02, 2011

A day at the zoo and Balboa park

There's nothing better than a day at Balboa Park. We made the most of it. It was a chilly morning, but Kel insisted that we start at the Zoo (rather than the museums). It was a good choice. The zoo was relatively empty and we saw all of our favourite animals before the crowds arrived.

My personal favourite -- the always gorgeous giraffes. Aren't they perfect? The kid standing in front of them is pretty cute too, if I might say so myself.

Kel's happy place: the Skyfari.

That's it for the zoo photos. We're enjoying, rather than snapping. We moved on to the science museum next. I love this shot of Kel examining the movement of sand particles to form dunes and other transient landforms. An image of discovery and learning in action.

And more discovery. This time experimenting with energy transformation.

An annual pass to the science center is an investment in education. Here are some more photos of Kellan learning through play. I adore this museum.

Next stop, the model railway museum!

Where better to stop after the railway museum than the miniature railroad? Kel was still carrying his new stuffed bat, a souvenir from the zoo. He insisted on getting one for his new cousin as well (as yet unborn) and is sleeping with the bat right now, as I type.

Finishing up with a few more shots from around the park.

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