Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Jungle Bells

I have no idea how we've missed this in the past (is it a long running event???), but we discovered Jungle Bells at the zoo this year. We spent a chilly New Year's Day (night) enjoying the lights, holiday music, and other festive offerings. We'll be making this an annual stop for sure.

The magic was in the lights and displays, but the photos are mainly of the boy -- in the dark. Christmas lights don't make for the most fabulous photos. Apologies. But he's a cute kid.

The bus tour was so much fun. We got to sit right up front on the top deck and enjoy all of the lights around the zoo.

They were also running the Balboa Park Railroad with some fabulous light displays around the track. This was a happy boy.

Wacky mother/son photo. Long day, long week, long year. Oh, wait, it was New Year's Day. I'm anticipating a long year. Good enough?

Couple of random shots. Here are mom and Kel before the symphony, standing in front of the big tree in Copley Symphony Hall. I took this shot with my phone, but I still love it.

And here's the Kel monster in one of the inflatables on a day out with friends.

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