Sunday, April 27, 2008

Take me out to the ball game...

When you can't stand one minute more in Springfield, but you don't have time for a proper holiday, St. Louis makes a perfect weekend get away. To be fair, its only two hours down the road and by no means requires an overnight stay, but if you're going to drive all the way down there anyway... Right? Yes, ok, anywhere but here. Even if only for the weekend.

To start things off, we went to see the Birds on Shirt play the Houston Astros at Busch Stadium. They won. The boys loved every minute. I spent a lot of time basking in the sunshine on the upper patio and enjoying the world's largest bag of kettle corn. We all have our weaknesses.

We even got to eat lunch at the stadium. Frugal mommy packed a picnic. Poor Kellan. Blame your grandparents. I learned it from a childhood deprived of eating overpriced junk food myself. You can see "the rainbow" (the Arch) in the background.

After the game, we spent the rest of the day (and on into the night) at one of our favourite spots in all of the midwest, the fabulous and most wonderful City Museum (if you haven't been here yet, GO!).

This train is the coolest thing.

Sunday threatened rain and colder weather, so we decided to head for the St. Louis Science Center. What a find! Totally free and packed with a full day's worth of fun and adventure. Does everybody know about this place???

One tired boy at the end of one fun weekend. He slept all the way home from St. Louis and woke ready to plan our next weekend get away...

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