Sunday, December 14, 2008

Christmas Party Fun

We had a fabulous time at the (what I have been promised is going to be) annual Baima Family Christmas party this morning. I'm not sure that my stomach will ever recover...

Kellan and Olivia have been buddies for four and a half years!

Just for fun, here are Dominic (you'll see him a bit further down), Olivia, and Kellan celebrating their very first Halloween in 2004.

I really did try to get a photo of the four old friends, but you try to get four sugared up and over excited four year olds to sit still long enough to take a decent photo. Good luck! This is what I got. Dominic, Olivia, Kellan, and Caden.

You can't turn your back for one second...

This is just a random shot from earlier in the week. Kel modeling his very favourite Christmas shirt. That Rudolph nose lights up bright red and drives everyone mad.

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