Sunday, December 07, 2008

Lunch with Santa on the train at Monticello

Today we went to have lunch on the train with Santa at Monticello. It was super fun, festive, and an all around special day for us both.

There were "elves" on the train who served lunch and helped to keep the children entertained during the journey.

Elves must have big heads!

Christmas snow on the ground -- an lots more expected this week!

The first glimpse of Santa as he entered our car.

So excited!

In the end, Kel didn't really take to this particular Santa and definitely kept his distance! They spent most of his chat time sizing each other up.

Cheeky monkey. I wish that it were always just cheeky cute!

Notice the cheese mouth. Chips were a part of our lunch.

Back at the Wabash depot. It was a nice long ride, a great lunch, Christmas carols (see video below), fun elves, Santa, and a festive day out. Definitely going to be an annual tradition.

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