Monday, December 29, 2008

A morning on the bike, an afternoon on the scooter

What better way to spend a lovely warm morning than exploring the neighbourhood by bike?

Boy in motion. Downhill motion. He's having to adjust to this whole new aspect of bike riding -- topography!

Absolute concentration.

Anybody denying the presence of angels out there? Kel's was apparently with him on this morning's ride! There were a lot of hills, after all...

After lunch, we changed pace and rode the scooter to the park. Well, Kel rode and I walked. And then I carried the scooter all the way back up the hill on the way home!

These two are just me messing around with lenses and f stops. Sorry. But not too bad, eh? Despite the sound wall behind him and the scrubby roadside bushes that he's sitting in while taking a rest on our way back up the hill.

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