Saturday, December 20, 2008

Kellan's Holiday Show

Here are the photos from Kel's school holiday show. They were all the way up on stage, so I was zooming way in, but I got a few cute ones. It was so much fun and very sweet. I love watching all of their proud little faces as they perform. Standing next to Kellan, in the purple shirt, is Tori, who we'll always remember as his first big crush and I'm sure use to embarass him in future! Kel's got a few weeks off now (since we're heading home to San Diego and extending his break a bit), so I'm sure that we'll be looking back over these photos frequently in the coming weeks as he misses his friends and school while we're away.

Kellan and Hank. These two have been buddies since we attended the annual picnic before starting their first year at MCH. Hank was Kellan's first friend at school, and though he's a year older (and thus way cooler!), he still makes time to hang with Kel.

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