Tuesday, December 30, 2008

San Diego is made for busy days

We headed to Balboa Park today to enjoy the Zoo, ride the train, visit the Model Railway Museum, and go to the science center. Did we leave anything out?

Linda is terrified of heights, flying, and basically all things airborne. So, we took her on the Skyfari. Obviously.

Steve teaching Kellan a new bus dance. He's big on locational dancing. This one goes along with the carousel dance from the other night.

Just for Nic, some photos of the boring old animals! They're great in person, but I've never been big on photos of caged zoo animals. Wildlife photography, yes. Zoo animal photography, no.

This elephant must have come from a circus or something. She kept doing tricks.

Kel and Steve got to feed the giraffes. The photos are awful, but you get the idea. We'll have to try this again while we're here, maybe have better luck with a great capture.

Look at that tongue! That's what was coming out into Kel's hand to eat the biscuits. He and Steve got very gooey.

Steve and Kel riding on the zoo train.

Getting wet in the fountain. It was a hot day.

At the model railway museum.

At the end of the day, we had a snack break by the fountain.

And a cuddle break too...

These two are a match made in heaven. Kel an Uncle Steve playing in the water.

And at the end of a very long and very busy day -- total collapse. It was a good one.

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