Wednesday, March 03, 2010

6th Birthday Party

Kellan had his 6th birthday party with ten friends at the Midstate Gymnastics inflatables room. What fun! I'm going to preface this post by saying that I got very few photos of the party. Nolan, Maddox's dad, made us a wonderful video to remember the day and I stood back to enjoy most of it. Plus, the kids never stood still enough to actually snap a shot! So, this is a very small sample of the fun that they all had on a fabulous Sunday afternoon in February -- the day that Kel turned 6.

Elsa on one of the inflatables.

Kel going down the slide. Notice that the long sleeves didn't last long. And look at those rosy cheeks! The kids got hot running around in there.

Cute shot of Connor. He stood still enough for a photo and thus has the honour of being included in Kel's birthday party blog post!

Carmen on the slide.

It must run in the family. Carmen also stood still long enough for me to snap a shot. She was the last one, I believe.

Some of the kids gathering up for a group shot. Here we have Maddox, Lleyton, Julian, Connor, Harry, and Kel up front.

More of them. I think that we were only missing one in this shot. In the back row are Maddox, Lleyton, Julian, Connor, Harry, Carmen, and Connor (two Connors). Elsa, Kel, and Rowan are up front.

At this point, the group shot was completely breaking down, but I snapped one anyway. All of the kids are here now. In the back we have Maddox, Lleyton, Julian, Connor, Harry, Carmen, Connor, and Rowan. Up front are Elsa, Cedric, and Kel.

After the inflatables room, the kids got to go and spend some time jumping into a giant pit of foam blocks.

Kel and Julian taking the plunge.

After lots of paired jumps, the kids got instructions on having a group play in the blocks. Can you see the exhaustion on their little faces? It was a busy party!

After all of that fun, we retired to the party room for cake and presents. Kel had a Mickey Mouse cake this year -- inspired by our recent visit to Disneyland of course.

I'll leave you with this final shot of the boys plying their faces with cake. Mmmmmmm.