Thursday, March 18, 2010

Horseback Riding Birthday Party

Kellan was very lucky to be invited to one of the best birthday parties yet -- horseback riding at the stables! The party was in celebration of good friend Carmen's 6th birthday and brother Connor's 4th birthday. The kids dressed in their cowboy gear and had a fabulous afternoon riding, playing games, and generally getting covered in sawdust, frosting, and muck! Who could ask for more?

I didn't quite catch it, but as Kel rode around towards me, he tipped his hat. So cute.

Group shot of the party kids. Connor has the red/white/blue shirt on and Carmen is up front in the black vest. Aili, in the blue jacket, is another friend of Kel's from infancy.

Kel and Connor. Despite the two year age difference, these two are buds.

The kids loved the barn cats. This is Kel with Carmen's sister, Kiera.

Climbing a sawdust mountain. Made for lots of fun on the floors when he took the boots off at home later!

Wheelbarrow races! Kel and Aili are neck and neck.

Very cool cowboy boot pinata.

Kel cheating at limbo.

And then telling Connor how best to cheat at limbo.

Riding off into the sunset at the end of a great day. Well, ok, not literally, but its a good closing point. Y'all git along now.

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