Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Jungle Cruise

We had an amazing day out on our real life Jungle Cruise. It was us and four Japanese tourists, so we pretty much had the tour to ourselves. We got to see wildlife, explore the river, go on a jungle hike where we tried tropical fruits right off the trees, and even learned some traditional Chamorro basket weaving skills. Loving Guam!

Here we are, posing by the Talofofo River.

Kel is wearing a traditional Chamorro hat.

That's the river boat behind Kel.

We also wore Chamorro headbands.

Standing in front of a cave.

A traditional Latte Stone.

This may have been the best part of the day. Amanda got to model the Chamorro clothing. Notice the crazy fun that you can have in Guam -- even sober! This place is awesome.

Food storage on top of your hat!

The basket that doubled as a bra.

Kel is playing "rock, paper, scissors" with two of the Japanese women who were on the tour. Everything was in Japanese, and when they did speak English, it was heavily Island accented, so he was totally confused!

An iguana hanging out by the river.

We fed bread to this crab!

Water buffalo.

A giant bee hive.

Some random jungle shots.

After the cruise. Me, hot and sweaty, in my headband. Nice to keep the hair out of your face!

Kel playing with some Boonie Dogs.

Back at home, Kel modeling some of the fun Chamorro clothes that we were given to take home. What a great experience!

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