Wednesday, March 03, 2010

6th Birthday -- opening presents

Here are a few shots of our brand new shiny 6 year old opening his birthday presents. I think that we managed to make it to 7am before he could wait no longer.

This is the one that he'd been waiting for -- FOREVER if you ask him. What could it be?

Yep, its a Wii!

And there was one more part to the gift of the day...

...the Wii fit board and games. That is one happy boy.

The birthday is complete. He has his Wii.

But there were other presents, which I have to admit didn't quite have the same impact.

He got a few big Lego sets. We haven't assembled them yet. I'm trying to coerce him into giving up the train table and setting up a Lego city instead. Otherwise, I have no idea how we're going to store these. The Christmas Lego is still taking up the entire floor of his bedroom closet. And I don't want to break it down -- it took days to assemble those darn things!

And a final couple of shots from the present opening. He certainly was a happy 6 year old! How will we ever top the birthday o' Wii?

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