Friday, March 26, 2010

A trip to the aquarium

Took a few photos to document our trip to the aquarium. Kel took hundreds of photos of the fish, but I won't post them here. These are a few snapshots of the people looking at the fish!

Kel and Auntie in the tunnel, surrounded by fish.

Kel took this photo of me in front of a jellyfish exhibit.

Stopping for a snack break.

Kel and Amanda trying to identify fish.

Totally random shot of a bay by Amanda's house.

I see a reef down there -- snorkeling!

Here's a shot of Kel after our last snorkel trip, waiting to get showered. I need to get some photos of him out in the water, but that's not easy to do when I'm out in the water too and the camera is locked up in the car!

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