Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Hanging out with Amanda in Guam

Starting the Guam trip posts with a couple of random shots from here and there. This is Amanda and Kel at one of the beaches on base. We were actually running errands, and very bleary eyed (our first day), so didn't go swimming, but did enjoy paddling around in the coral sand.

There are wild pigs on Guam! These guys were in the jungle near a parking lot and Kel spotted one. We went over to check it out, at which point they came out of the jungle in droves.

We decided to give them snacks. They were very happy.

This one was my favourite. She kept giving me sweet eyes and following me around, making little piggy noises. When we finished feeding and went off to use the public toilet at the other side of the parking lot, they all went back into the woods. Except for this one. She followed us and waited outside of the bathroom. Wish that we could take her home!

When we're not out and about, Kel likes to hang out with the dogs playing his DS. The three boys...

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