Thursday, May 12, 2005

The Best Day of My Life

When asked this question -- what was the best day of your life? -- many people respond with, "The birth of my child". I've been thinking this one over and I've got two days. I can't decide between them, as they are both equally important, wonderful, and treasured.

One of these days is, of course, the day that Kellan was born. What an amazing event! And something that we'd almost given up hope would happen. First we had problems getting pregnant and required fertility treatment. Then there were early problems with my blood work and at only 14 weeks they suspected that the fetus had spina bifida which might make termination the best option. A scan (and many happy tears) determined that this was not the case, but then a later scan showed what they believed to be kidney problems with one kidney not properly formed. And then in the last month of my pregnancy I ended up with pre-eclampsia and they had to induce labour. Near the end of my 27 1/2 hours, Kellan was in distress and his heart was stopped, they had to ventouse him out and a whole team of doctors was there ready for emergency measures.

In the end, I had a perfect healthy wonderful baby boy placed at my breast. The doctors were not needed, as he was absolutely fine. I needed major surgery (third degree tear from the ventouse procedure), but my Kellan was, and still is, absolutely perfect. Not a deformed kidney in sight!

The other day, however, is my wedding day. This day seemed equally implausible and was incredibly momentous. Nic and I were friends for quite a long time before we started dating. I was totally head over heels in love with him. He felt the same about me. But there were so many obstacles that neither of us felt able to express these feelings and we simply spent every free moment together as "really good friends". I was in a long term relationship (I'm talking marriage) when we met. Nic is also 20 years my senior. We were both change ringers in Washington DC where my ex is a lawyer. Yes, a Georgetown lawyer. Guess who made out well in that split (and it sure wasn't me!)? When we finally got together it was a huge scandal, both in our families and immediate circles, and also among the change ringing community. Sounds dramatic, but trust me, you had to be there. Our wedding day was a big deal and also a day for us to say, "See, we meant it!".

So, here we are many years later, married, very much in love, and parenting the most wonderful boy imaginable. I have two amazing days. I am an incredibly lucky woman and both of those days have been completing moments in my life. My boys are my heart, my home, my every breath. I can't pick just one day. I have two best days of my life. And I am thankful every day for them both.

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betty said...

Interesting information about the change ringers. I had no idea that that was what they were called.

Glad you were able to find happiness with your 2nd marriage.