Friday, May 27, 2005

My Poor Little Man


What a difference eh? Kellan was running around like a mad thing yesterday. Then he went to the doctor for his 15 month check-up and injections, which is how we ended up with this photo today. He has been a very sick boy for the past 24 hours. He was burning up with fever all night. I've never felt him so hot. It was almost painful to kiss him. This is apparently normal for some children after these particular vaccinations (MMR and chickenpox). He didn't even venture out of bed until 11am, though he hadn't been sleeping, just laying awake staring off into space. I gave him some hearty peanut butter mixed with whole yogurt, he ate most of that, stumbled over to the couch, climbed up and fell asleep again. He was back in bed by 12pm. Poor little man.

In good news, he was pronounced very big and healthy at his appointment. He's already 32 1/2", about 90% for his age. He hasn't gained much weight recently and is holding steady at 27 lbs 3 oz at the moment, but that's still above 80% for his age and also points to the fact that he'll probably be tall and lean like his dad. I never had him pegged as the American football player build, as it doesn't really fit with my relatively petite figure and Nic's lean frame. He's thinning out into toddlerhood now. My big tall boy.


betty said...

Hope the little guy is feeling better by now. I always hated visits with scheduled immunizations because I hated to see them cry!

Nicola said...

He had a terrible fever for two whole days and only started to perk up 48 hours after the injections. And then the next day he came down with a cold! Sometimes you just can't win.