Tuesday, May 24, 2005

We Have a Toddler!

Yes folks, as of today, May 24th 2005, Kellan Robert Evans is officially a toddler. He is a baby no more. He is walking! These were no first steps though. He took off this morning and literally walked around the room. He didn't take a few steps, stumble, and fall. Nic says that he's been walking from one end of the house to the other this afternoon without any help. He's been walking for months now holding one of our hands, so I suppose that he was well prepared for the actual event, but its still surprising to me that he is so steady and so capable. One day he was crawling, the next he's out walking around the countryside as if he'd been doing it for years.

And did I say 15 months or what? He turned 15 months old on Saturday. Today is Tuesday. He's walking. Its definitely a family thing.

I am so happy that he's reached this new milestone in his development. A whole new part of the world opens up to you once you're walking upright. He will be able to do so many new things. And I may not need physical therapy for the rest of my days!

I am not yet sad for the loss of his babyhood, as he remains very much my little boy. He still hasn't got much hair, he can't talk, and of course he nurses with gusto. He is still my baby, even if he will now be a toddler in the eyes of the world. But then, will that ever change?

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