Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Can it be Genetic?

Kellan will be 15 months old on Saturday. He is still not walking. I believe wholeheartedly that he will walk next month. Why? Well, not only because its about time, but also because there seems to be a family history of children starting to walk at 15 months of age. I wouldn't have believed that something like this could be genetic, but its hard to explain away. 15 months is very late for walking, especially since Kellan has been on his feet for a couple of months already, doing nothing but walking (with parental aid) everywhere that we go. He can stand on his own. There is no logical reason to explain his inability to walk. Yet, he can't (or won't). I walked at 15 months. Many of my cousins and their children walked at 15 months. So, for whatever reason, I believe that Kellan will also walk at 15 months. Fingers crossed and back aching, I hope to report back soon with the happy news that we have a toddler in the house.


betty said...

I know someone who believes that it is genetic. His 2 kids both were late walkers and did not start fully walking by themselves unattended until they were nearly 2 years old.

Nicola said...

Ack, Betty, don't say that! 2 years old? I'll have slipped a disc and torn the tendon in my elbow by that point! Lets hope that genetics is on my side this time and that 15 months is the magic number.

betty said...

I remember when Ben first started to walk! The real FUN began then! ;) He loved to chase our cat around. It got to the point where she would hide all day, and not come out until she was sure that he was fast asleep, LOL. Now that he is 2 1/2 years old, she still is a bit leery of him. I rarely see her unless she comes out to eat or to use the litterbox!