Tuesday, May 10, 2005

I'm just not crafty

Lately, it seems like everywhere I turn there are magazine articles, books, programmes, and clubs dedicated to scrapbooking. I can't seem to escape it. Yet, no matter how unique and wonderful the finished product, I also can't seem to muster the ambition to try it. I'm not crafty. At all. And anytime that I have a strange crafty creative urge, the results are disastrous. And usually hilarious (after I've overcome the embarrassment). I'm the same way with cooking actually, but that's another topic.

So now I have a baby who is quickly growing into a little boy. What better time to enter this scrapbooking phenomenon? Every day he does something interesting or exciting. I've got hordes of gorgeous photos stored away on the computer. We're always doing "family firsts". My life is like a scrapbook waiting to happen! I actually found myself feeling guilty yesterday because my son wouldn't have wonderful scrapbook page illustrations of his life on which to look back and reminisce one day.

And then it hit me. First, he's a boy. That whole sitting around laughing and reminiscing over the pages of our scrapbook image can go. Second, I do keep a scrapbook of sorts -- you're reading it. I put favourite photos and holiday memories, thoughts about parenting, and other related issues right here. We can look back at these very pages and enjoy the memories one day. And being the son of an IT wizard, its probably more appropriate anyway. Here, I don't need to be crafty, I don't need supplies and patience, I need only my thoughts and memories derived from each day that I parent this gorgeous little boy.

That said, I should probably keep a bit more on top of the blogging, but hey, its a start!


betty said...

I had to chuckle at reading your post because I've heard other moms complaining about the same thing. They didn't feel that they could relate/connect with a lot of other moms at Moms Club events because of this.

Smallman said...

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