Wednesday, September 02, 2009


This is actually the final post in the UK holiday series, so if you'd like to see these in order, scroll on down a ways until you come to the "Around London" post, then move up from there. Sorry, but I wasn't organized enough to do the whole trip back to front. I'm just pleased that the photos are all here now!

Another sunny day, another beautiful trip to the seaside. Eastbourne this time. I never remember August (or any month!) being so perfect when we lived there. I remember rain, damp, cold, more rain, and more cold. This August proved me wrong! I was feeling quite wretched with the flu on this particular day, so didn't take many photos, but being out in the fresh sea air and sunshine was the best place to be, flu or no flu.

Kel wanted me to take some photos of him with this Mr. Whippy cone. I'm kind of a Mr. Whippy addict. And look, it even had flake! After these photos we got ourselves a couple of Mr. Whippys. Obviously. Plus, it felt wonderful on my sorest of sore throats.

Some shots of Eastbourne taken from the pier.

We also saw Kel's first ever Punch and Judy show, went mini golfing, walked by the seaside, played at a fun park, and visited Beachy Head, none of which I was up to photographing. But the memories are there.

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