Monday, September 28, 2009

Jacksonville Steam Show

We met up with some good friends on Sunday to enjoy the Jacksonville Steam Show. Here are Kel and Carmen getting ready to set off on our little steam engine journey around the park. And check out their funky "peace and love" t-shirt duo (Jen noticed that after I sent her the photos).

One thing that Kel loves at the steam show is the "learn to drive a tractor" area.

It appears that he opted for the one handed approach this year. Lazy little thing.

My handsome boys.

Another favourite attraction at the Steam Show is the Wobble Wagon. Here's the whole gang heading off for a bumpy ride around the field (I was so terribly disappointed to miss out on this...). Here are Connor, Jen, Keira, Zane, Carmen, Kel, and Mark setting off on their whiplash inducing ride.

Bumpy enough for you?

Alas, they survived -- and they're still smiling!

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