Sunday, September 13, 2009

Illinois Railway Museum at Union

The Illinois Railway Museum was a perfect day out for this train loving family. You can't go wrong with a full day of trains, trains, and more trains!

Not to mention "singles" (signals), Kel's favourite thing in all the world. He got a behind the scenes tour of the whole signal collection and was taught how to work each and every one of them. Here he is standing with the control, giving me a quick pose. He spent nearly 2 hours learning all that there was to know about signals! Thanks to the man who is in charge of the signals and recognized a familiar gleam in the eyes our own little signal fanatic. They were like two peas in a pod.

I like this shot.

I don't like this shot. Needed flash, but the boys had already moved on before I got that sorted!

Kel also loves trolleys. We had to get lots of photos by this old specimen.

Look at the size of those wheels!

Nic riding the street car.

Just a series of random shots from one of the longer train rides that we took that day.

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