Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Folkstone and the Romney Marshes with Nic

Nic and I took a couple of days out together and traveled to the coast (I'm happy as long as I'm by the seaside) where we enjoyed lots of hiking and gorgeous ocean vistas. One of my favourite things was laying in our bed at night watching the lighthouses on the French coast flash over the Channel.

This is the view from our hotel room window. If you click and view the full sized image, you just might be able to make out the distant line of the French coast. This view is now my happy place. I spent a lot of time laying on the bed staring out of that window!

My ever so handsome husband.

Um, yeah. It was really sunny, ok? There may have been some extreme squinting happening here.

The white cliffs of Folkstone, though way off in the distance beyond that last headland, you might actually be able to see the white cliffs of Dover. Its about 8 miles from Folkstone.

Enjoying a beautiful evening walk along the coast.

This was the material used to design a "grotto" pathway going from the Leas down to the beach. It is composed of all sorts of rubbish, from glass to old plates to bits of brick, all cemented together. Weird, but pretty.

Nic resting after our hike back up to the Leas.

We also visited the Romney, Hythe and Dymchurch Railway where we spent a day riding the rails over the marsh and taking breaks to walk along the coast.

A shot of the rather bleak outpost at the end of the marshes, Dungeness.

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