Wednesday, September 02, 2009

London Transport Museum and a few other bits

Kel and I had a great day together around London. We started out at Covent Garden Market.

We spent the bulk of the day at the London Transport Museum. This place was fantastic. Full of old and new trams, buses, and undergrounds that could be explored in full, and provided a comprehensive history of public transit in London. It was fascinating. And fun!

I didn't realize it until I went back through the photos, but this is obviously where I picked up the swine flu. I mean, look at this guy, he really doesn't look well enough to be driving...

Nice skirt. Er, blanket? I have no idea.

This was a really fun children's play area where the passengers on your bus or underground train were little punching bags. Not too different from pushing through the actual rush hour crowd then. And in front of Kel here is a screen, as there was in each of the vehicles (bus, taxi, train, underground) that showed them actually driving. It was very cool.

Driving a big modern bus.

He looks so little there!

When we finally left the Transport Museum (closing time does happen), we decided to take a double decker bus around town for fun. After we crossed Tower Bridge, we got off and had an ice cream next to the Tower of London.

Kel then requested that we go to see the lights of Picadilly Circus (he'd been before and wanted to see them again). So, on the tube we hopped and off we went.

This place really excited Kel, he could have stood here for hours chatting away at the signs.

Seriously, the kid is excited!

Managed one final non-crazy pose before we sat down to munch on donuts (there was a donut shop across the street and we were hungry) and watch the sign for awhile.

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