Sunday, September 13, 2009

Museum of Science and Industry

While we were in Chicago last weekend, Kel and I spent a day at the Museum of Science and Industry.

Here we are, waiting at the L station for our train into town.

The Idea Factory was Kel's favourite part of the museum.

Driving a tractor and harvesting the corn. It is Illinois, after all.

Kel was fascinated by all of the videos and stories on the way into the U-boat exhibit.

This was supposed to be Kel with the U-boat behind him. Light metering issue on my part.

I confess to leaving my good flash back at the hotel (since I didn't want to carry my big camera bag as well as my purse all day), so now you see why the big flash is worth the expense. There were interesting things in the background here, I swear it!

That's a big steam engine behind Kel.

Heading back out to our hotel. The tunnel at the Jackson L station. He wanted a photo here.

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